Save my Google+ pictures and videos Google+ shutting down.

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Google+ is officially shutting down.
What this means for you and your pictures, videos and memories. Nothing, you’re safe with Google because Google has all your photos and videos on Google Drive/Google Photos. All you need to worry about is what’s called your “Google+ +1’s” which is nothing more than a “Like” or “Thumbs Up”. You can back those up and any of your pictures and videos using the method below. For the Google +1’s you might want to act sooner than later but for the pictures and videos you are safe at Google Drive/Google Photos.

How to backup Google stuff in 4 steps;
1. If your not logged into Google do so now and then go to Google Takeout.
2. Turn on the button for the platform you want to backup either Google+ +1’s or Google Drive for your pictures and videos.
3. Click next to select your archive format which you can leave as .zip and option to have download link emailed to your or select save location.
4. Finally click Create Archive which will show you the progress along with a message that reads may take some time to complete your archive. Don’t worry, we’ll email you when it’s ready.”
That’s it when it’s completed you will have backed up your pictures and video.

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