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LFT Websites

LFT Websites

Subscribe to for our Website Maintenance for a chance to win a 3D LOGO or have your current logo transformed into 3D, FREE!

Website Maintenance includes:
New Website Launch or Current Website Re-Launched
All your Website requests managed for you
Regular backups just in case
Regular software Updates
Regular security updates

File and software backups are very important processes in order to recover a website. In the event a website software or host is compromised, backups allow for speedy recovery. LFT Websites performs regular backups for you.
Anytime you have an change or addition to your website. You don’t have to bother with it. LFT Websites takes care of these changes for you exactly the way you want.
Updating your software and plugins is priority. This keeps your security up to date and helps prevent your website files and server from being compromised. LFT Websites manages software/security updates for you.

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LFT Websites

LFT Websites

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